The Time Has Come :(

In all the excitement of finding a new trailer to restore, we have avoided  talking about what we knew had to happen. We have to find a new home for our beloved Overlander.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the time, money, or space to properly care for more than one trailer at a time. I just have to look at it like this…we rescued her from near death, performed major reconstructive surgery, rehabilitated her and prepared her for an exciting future of travel and adventure for many years to come.  In return, she opened up the world of the WBCCI and Airstreaming to us.  We have met the most fantastic people, made life long friends, and had a blast  at camp outs and rallies with the HOTCU. She provided us with a temporary home while we built our permanent one and taught us to “See More, Do More, Live More“.

Edit: Our trailer is sold but you may be able to view the listing on Airstream Classifieds here.




We loved the look of the upper lockers with their cool tambour doors, but weren’t sure we could get them cleaned up, repaired, and working properly. They were pretty nasty and a couple of the doors needed repaired.  After we removed the contact paper from the wood, we discovered the thick layer of glue that remained. Sanding it just created a gummed up mess and we weren’t sure the odor would ever go away, even with paint. We would have to replace the wood. Taking them apart wasn’t bad after we figured out how they were put together. There were small metal clips that slid over the edges of the wood and literally “snapped” into place. Pretty ingenious actually!  After some major cleaning  of the metal and plastic pieces,  we put them all back together and painted them the same color as the walls.  A shot of spray silicon in the plastic guides and they all work perfect!

Next project…new flooring!


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