The Time Has Come :(

In all the excitement of finding a new trailer to restore, we have avoided  talking about what we knew had to happen. We have to find a new home for our beloved Overlander.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the time, money, or space to properly care for more than one trailer at a time. I just have to look at it like this…we rescued her from near death, performed major reconstructive surgery, rehabilitated her and prepared her for an exciting future of travel and adventure for many years to come.  In return, she opened up the world of the WBCCI and Airstreaming to us.  We have met the most fantastic people, made life long friends, and had a blast  at camp outs and rallies with the HOTCU. She provided us with a temporary home while we built our permanent one and taught us to “See More, Do More, Live More“.

Edit: Our trailer is sold but you may be able to view the listing on Airstream Classifieds here.



More Storage!

Removing the end cap in the bathroom wasn’t an option in our trailer, it had to go. Unfortunately, with it went all the storage space. We didn’t want to give up the open feel in the bathroom by building an upper cabinet over the hot water tank, but we needed a mirror and a place for a few toiletries. This is what Dan came up with. I love it! He said it was probably more work than it was worth but I’m glad he took the time to do it. Now we have a mirror and a place for all our stuff!

Building A Shower….Sounds Easy…NOT!

It’s been a while since we conquered the building of the shower but I’m just now over it! We thought when we pulled out the end cap and replaced it that the hard part was over, not hardly. Honestly, if we had known how much time it would take, we may have spent the big bucks for this insert from Inland RV!   The original bath had the furnace duct and vent under the bathtub. This made building a strong base for the shower a challenge. The other tricky part was the walls. Dan wanted to curve the rear wall back in over the drain pipes that run along the wall to give him a little more elbow room.  So, the left wall is one height, the right wall a little shorter, because we are at the rear of the trailer where it starts to curve down, and the back wall has an “s” curve in it. We both like a good challenge but this almost ate our lunch! Glad it’s done….moving on!

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Paint Day….FINALLY!

For us, painting would be the moment when all the scars from years of neglect and time would be washed away. We scrubbed, and cleaned, and scrubbed some more to get her prepared for her instant make-over. We used Adhesion primer and Duration paint from Sherwin Williams. What a transformation! The color is actually a light gray (On The Rocks) but it looks white in the pictures.  Our new lighting from looks awesome….we are PSYCHED! Now on to that front end cap!

The End…caps!

We had been debating our end caps for some time, and decided they had to go. The rear bath one for sure. Our tub was damaged beyond repair and the counter top sink area was almost as bad. We had already purchased a shower pan and tried to incorporate the end cap into the design but, it’s just wasn’t working. After we took out the rear one and got a look at what we needed to do, we took out the front one too!

Our plan was to make new ones out of wood. The rear one we would make out of some 1/8 plywood that was given to us, and paint it the same color as the rest of the interior. The front one would be birch plywood. You can see how we did it in the pictures. We made some ribs to attach the panels to, backed them with styro-foam block spacers, made our patterns out of cardboard, cut the panels, riveted them up, then cut trim strips and riveted them to it. We used washers with the rivets on the back of the wood anywhere we could get to. We were thrilled with the way it turned out…especially after it was painted!

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