Paint, Waste Tanks and Flooring!

Progress on the Safari is painfully slow at times but, we HAVE made progress!

We scrubbed the inner skins several times and patched the old ceiling light holes and other unused holes.  With the inner skins back up we primed and painted using Sherwin Williams primer and paint. The color is “Stucco” and a close match to the original. We had an issue in the Overlander with the vinyl off-gassing and becoming a little tacky in the heat.  We decided to not take the “wait and see if it happens again” approach and go for the “better safe than sorry” one instead! We used Minwax Polycrylic to seal the paint in the Overlander with excellent results so while everything was taped up, we sealed the paint on the Safari with it as well. The results are a super tough finish with a nice satin sheen. Done!

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Next, we moved back down to the tanks and waste lines. The location for the toilet, vent pipes and tank heat ducts were marked on the floor. We raised the tanks up temporarily so we could drill a marker hole through both, then lowered the tanks, drilled the correct size holes and installed the correct fittings in the tanks. Next, we ran a wire from one tank to the other in pex for the  SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System and installed the tank sensors on the tanks. The new dump valves were installed, plumbed together and out to the new bayonet fitting.

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We chose to use Armstrong VCT tile again for the flooring.  We loved it in the Overlander and had no problems with it whatsoever. It comes in a million colors but we chose…of course…GREEN. Kiwi to be exact. It’s bright, fresh, clean, happy, and we love it! I’m sure there will be haters but you gotta go with what makes you happy! We took the screen door to Wise Powder Coating in Chico, Texas and had it powder coated to match. It’s GREEN! 🙂

Up next….new laminate for the bath walls! Sneak peek…..

We’re Floored!

We almost had a flooring disaster!  The day before we planned to lay our flooring, we found out our original choice of a floating vinyl plank flooring was a bad one. After talking with several different people at the Airstream Rally at the LBJ Grasslands we learned of the problems. Mainly, the seams pulling apart with temperature changes. We love the look of Marmoleum but, it wasn’t in the budget.  Several people at the rally suggested a cheaper alternative. Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT). It’s the stuff you probably had in your elementary school.  It’s cheap (.79 square foot),  and comes in a million colors. We almost went with a bold color but decided to stick with the grey tones.  We plan on waxing it but I’m not sure if you really have to.  The installation wasn’t hard…just hard on the knees!

Next step…plumbing, furnace and ducts.

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