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7 thoughts on “Restoration Links

  1. Hi Dan and Steph;

    Paul sent me your site as we will be getting some renovation work done on our 29ft sovereign airstream this fall. Paul did our solar installation two years ago. I was impressed with the restoration work you did on your airstream. Looks fantastic. We want to increase our storage capacity with drawers under the beds and put in a dinette so we can have family sleep inside when we travel together. I think we will get you to make the seat cushions. What type of foam would you recommend for the beds and dinette?

    Once again love your work and photography.

    Art and Mary in Canada


    1. Hi Art and Mary,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to check us out! We discovered It’s really hard to have a nice firm seating area that makes down into a soft and cozy bed! We used a high density seating foam for our beds and our dinette but added (glued to the foam) an additional 2.5 inches of gel memory foam to our beds. Our dinette area will rarely be used as a bed so we didn’t bother putting the memory foam there. We just finished cushions in a trailer Paul and Ann restored where we used the memory foam everywhere and I think it looks and feels great. I will try to post pictures this week…the trailer is adorable! I guess it really boils down to a personal preference of how firm you like your bed. When you make it to Texas I can show you samples of foam and you can look at our beds as well.
      Looking forward to meeting you both! Thanks again for stopping by!


  2. Thanks for the quick reply Steph;

    Looking forward to meeting you and getting the cushions made. Please say hi to Paul and Annie when you see them. They were so good to us when we had our solar system installed.

    Hope to see you in October.



  3. Dave McCrostie

    You folks are inspirational. We have a 1972 Overlander, original condition. I showed my wife your youtube video and she wants to redo ours like yours. I’d love to pick your brains on this project.



    1. Hi Dave! We love to “talk trailer”! We are in the process of moving out of our trailer and storage units and into our new shop and home but, if you call the shop number listed on, you should catch us. If not, leave a message and we will call you back.
      Thanks for your nice comment…looking forward to hearing from you!



      1. Dave McCrostie

        Thank you for your quick reply Steph. I got your number from the Matneys website, and will give you a holler later this afternoon.



  4. Dave McCrostie

    Hi Dan and Stephanie!

    Really enjoyed your conversation last night Thank you! Can I get your email address?




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