See More…Do More…Live More!

2013 was a year of big changes for us. We sold our home in August, stored everything we own, closed our business (temporarily!) and moved into our Airstream.  The rest of the year has passed in an instant. We have spent every holiday since Labor Day in our trailer, parked inside our building, where we are building our new home.  I guess technically then, we have had all our first holidays in our new home!  Our trailer has been awesome. Besides our brand new A/C going out the first week when it was 102 degrees (we got a lemon, new one is awesome), it has been smooth sailing parking!

We are still madly in love with our trailer  and can’t wait to spend more time in it in 2014…just not parked in the house!  The Airstream motto to See More, Do More, Live More,  is the sum of  all of our New Years Resolutions. We are looking forward to the campouts with the Heart of Texas Camping Unit and hope to possibly even leave the state of Texas! We wish everyone good health, happiness and safe travels in the new year.




IMG_2875Throughout the entire rennovation process of our Airstream, Dan and I kept saying, “Remember, we may be living in it someday!”.  Well, here we are! We sold our home, put everything in storage and are camped out in front of our future home. We have been here for over a month now and our trailer has been a perfect temporary home.  Yes, it gets a little cramped at times when Dude wants to lay, well….anywhere! He’s a big boy and takes up a lot of floor space!  Our cat, Mister,  prefers to lay under the trailer where it’s less crowded. And Dan and I are just…..happy campers!IMG_2873

It has been a dream of ours for some time now to build a barndominium, as some people call it. We needed a bigger shop, less house, and a permenant place out of the elements for our trailer.   The progress has been slow but things are about to start happening now. We have the forms up, the plumbing in, and are ready for the concrete trucks to roll in and pour the slab.  We ordered a kit building from Rhino Steel Building Systems and it will arrive on Wednesday.  We have hired a guy to errect the building then we will move inside and finish out our new home and workspace.  Very exciting stuff!

The next scheduled Heart of Texas Camping Unit camp out is on Halloween.  The camp out last year at Fort Richardson State Park was our first time to camp with the unit and is where we met many of our new friends. We can’t wait…should be Spooktacular!

Living in a trailer…down by the river!

Now this is my idea of  “living in  a trailer…down by the river”! I LOVE those Spartans!


I love it when I find another adventurous soul out there ready to head on down the highway! Good Luck to Josh at Blinkpacking on his “Grand Adventure” in his 1969 Shasta Compact!!



I have always dreamed of purchasing an Airstream travel trailer, throwing caution (read: my job) to the wind, and cruising the winding roads of America with no clear destination in mind and no end-date in sight.

Reality check: I have been married for a decade, I have a three-year-old son, I own a business, I run a non-profit, and I have a fat mortgage. I am pretty certain I am disqualified for this sort of adventure. Right?

Lifestyle limitations aside, my family has only one car (a 2003 Honda Element with 200,000 miles) that lacks the giddy-up to drag a traditional travel trailer around the country.

Daydreams and web-search procrastinations aside, I had pretty much put the matter to rest when I happened on a vintage trailer forum thread aimed at Honda Element owners. The post went something like this, “Want to tour the country with a travel trailer? Frustrated by…

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Thanks to Glamper – An Airstream Diary for sharing this crazy cool video! Looks like 1975 or 1976 to me!

Glamper | An Airstream Diary

Thanks to TrailerChix for sharing this really nifty video today on Facebook.

Southwest Coaches takes you back to another era, giving you an inside look at the care, design, and craftsmanship that goes into each and every Airstream product. This vintage documentary was filmed at the Airstream plant over 40 years ago; rare footage which is a must see video for anyone interested in Airstreams, Airstream’s roots, or any Airstream enthusiast. These same construction ideas, techniques, attention to detail, and craftsmanship are still utilized today. This video shows what separates Airstream from the rest of the travel trailer pack; and the ingenuity that makes Airstream the American icon that it is today.”

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