Lonestar Vintage Airstream Club Rally

We made it back from the rally….exhausted! There IS such a thing as having TOO MUCH FUN! The Shagadelic Airstream Gig at Barefoot Camp Rv Park was far out, righteous and groovy!

First I want to tell you about Barefoot Camp RV Park and the owners Jackie and Charlene Brister. It is located on their working cattle and sheep ranch in Bend, Texas on the Colorado River. The park is beautiful, clean and  so peaceful, we didn’t want to come home.  Jackie and Charlene were so sweet and went way out of their way to make us all feel welcome.

Charlene brought Buttermilk Pies, Pecan Pies, and the best deviled eggs I have ever eaten to the pot luck and barbeque. Jackie brought his amazing antique corn grinder out and demonstrated it for everyone. If you have ever been to Canton, Texas at First Monday you may have seen or heard one like it.  We all took fresh ground cornmeal home with us. You don’t meet people like the Brister’s very often. Thank you so much, Jackie and Charlene, for everything!

On Friday several of us hiked the trail to Gorman Falls in nearby Colorado Bend State Park. It was a beautiful hike through a native Texas landscape of wildflowers, cedar trees and cactus in bloom. The change of scenery was dramatic once we descended down the rocky path to the falls. It was just beautiful. If you visit the park, don’t miss this!

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If you have ever met the President of  The Heart of Texas Camping Unit, Ann Flannagan, you know how incredible she is. She goes way, way beyond the call of duty for the club. She is so creative…she makes you want to be more creative! She held a few tie-dye parties at her home to create the fantastic tie-dyed shirts you see everyone wearing in these photos. The tablecloths on the tables and the adorable wood flower stakes with our names and WBCCI numbers were all Ann. She is AMAZING! Thank you so much Ann Flannagan for all you do for the club…you are one “Groovy Sister” and we love you!

I love the way the light reflects on an Airstream at night. I couldn’t resist walking around and taking a few pictures of the beautiful trailers and their owners enjoying the evening. Thanks Diane for posing for us! Fun stuff!

That brings us to ….”The Gig”! Dan and I aren’t usually the “dress up” type but…we got sucked into this and just went for it! Thank goodness there were other like-minded, far-out  groovy people out there to be hipsters with us!

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The barbeque was amazing and I’m so sorry I didn’t get a picture of  Tony and Sandra. They brought the food and served it up in true Texas style. Thanks guys!

It was a fantastic weekend. We  made some new friends and saw some spectacular trailers. Doesn’t get any better than that! Happy Trails!

Oh…and…Peace and Love to all our brothers and sisters of the HOTCU and the Lone Star  VAC!


Camp-out at Revolver Brewing in Granbury, Texas

Last weekend, the owners of Revolver Brewing (who happen to be members of the HOTCU!), invited the Heart of Texas Camping Unit out for a camp-out on the grounds of their brewery.  It was another great weekend spent visiting friends, meeting new ones, talking trailers, and of course, sampling Revolver Beers!

Revolver Brewing opens each Saturday from noon to 3pm for tours of the brewery and beer tasting. Admission is $10 and includes a Revolver Brewing pint glass (currently a Bavarian Weizen style glass).  The atmosphere is friendly, fun and very layed back Texas. If you are a fan of craft beers you have to check them out. Visit their website for upcoming events and locations where you can find it on tap.

Thank you Rhett, Jennifer, Doris and Ron for the great weekend.

If you are a fan of Airstream art, you may recognize Michael Depraida in a few photos. He is also known as Radio Mike of Slab City. It was a pleasure to meet him and thanks for the artwork Michael!

Looking forward to the next camp-out!




MAY 17-19, 2013

Hope you enjoy the photos!

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Time to CAMP!

Wise County CourthouseWe are finally going on another camp-out! WOO-HOO!!! It’s been way too long. This weekend the Heart of Texas Camping Unit is headed to the LBJ Grasslands north of Decatur, Texas.  Yes, we live in Decatur so it’s only about a 15 minute drive for us but…it’s still camping! The camp-out coincides with the annual Swap Meet in Decatur held at the Rodeo grounds and sponsored by the Wise County Antique Auto Club. We are looking forward to a weekend of fun, friends, good food, photography, Airstreams,  and cars, cars, CARS! I’ll be posting photos throughout the weekend here and on instagram. If you would like to follow me, my username is @stephanieintexas. Have a great weekend!


After a year of dreaming about our first camp-out…it’s over! It went way too fast. The Heart of Texas Camping Unit members were so awesome. They made us feel welcome from the moment we pulled up to the last wave goodbye. Our heads were spinning all the way home with the excitement of meeting new friends, trying to remember names ( my bad), and looking forward to the Christmas camp-out. I think there were 19 trailers there from a 1949 Wee Wind to the fabulous CCD parked next to us. We discovered one thing all Airstreamers have in common…they LOVE to show other Airstreamers their trailers! It was so fun to see all the different year trailers, some original, some restored…all AMAZING! The Halloween decorations were crazy fun and the Trick-or-Treaters were too cute.

The best part was actually using our trailer after owning it for a year and…everything worked! The tow there was nerve-wracking for me but Dan did great, he never gets bent out of shape though. It got down to 25 degrees Saturday night so our furnace got a work out. We baked biscuits in the oven without burning the bottoms. The shower was great and we took ice cream sandwiches that stayed frozen. The only hiccup was a leaking clamp at the water pump that just needed to be tightened. We only have one battery and haven’t installed a monitor yet, so we were pretty much flying blind on our power consumption. Thankfully, Paul and Ann of A&P Vintage Trailerworks charged us back up with their generator, just in case. Thanks guys! We have a whole new list of gadgets and gizmos we need and Lance at Top’s Vintage Trailerworks got Dan lined out on a new and hopefully faster/better polishing technique.  We learned a lot, met new and interesting people, and actually CAMPED! It was a great weekend!

Hope you enjoy the photos. Our trailer is the one with the caution/crime scene tape. Happy Halloween everyone!

Vintage Airstream Rally Photos

The Lone Star Vintage Airstream Club and The Heart of Texas Camping Unit held their 3rd annual campout at the LBJ Grasslands North of Decatur, Texas last weekend. We are members of the HOTCU but haven’t had the chance to actually camp with them yet…one of these days! We did go out for their open house to see  all the awesome trailers, meet some great people and talk trailers….it was a blast! Here’s a few photos from the day……….

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