The Belly is Buttoned Up!

The original belly pan aluminum was a nasty, smelly, mess with lots of corrosion and some pretty big mouse holes in it. Replacing it was never a question.  We purchased the belly pan aluminum (.025 5052 H32) and the thicker exterior aluminum (.032 2024T3 Alclad) used for the side wraps and patches at Airparts.  We have ordered aluminum from them several times and have found them to be quick to ship and very reasonable in their shipping charges.

The process is pretty simple. Cut it to fit and rivet it up. If you’re under 50…easy peasy lemon squeezy! Over 50…get out the Motrin. As brutal as it is to lay under there for several days in a row, we still thought…when we are 80 we are going to WISH we could do this again! So, we just tried to be in the moment and enjoy it! It looks so good when it’s done, you forget all the bad stuff anyway!  We have only one suggestion. When you get ready to wrap those side wraps back under the trailer, especially the long streetside section, it helps to have some leverage. Dan screwed some 2X4s’ together as shown in the picture. I held it up while he drilled the holes and put the clecos in.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! (Sorry, too much Walking Dead!)

Thanks for following along with us!

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