Making Progress!

It’s been a little over two months since we found our Overlander and we have made major progress! Woohoo! We removed the shell, cleaned out the nasty belly pan and our buddy the pack rats’ acorn stash,  repaired the frame, painted it with POR-15, cut new marine plywood for the floor, bolted it down, lowered the shell, and insulated the belly pan. The one thing we did different on this trailer was the belly pan insulation. In the past we have stuck with the fiberglass insulation that was used originally. This time we decided to try 2″ foam board insulation. We used fender washers and screws to attach it to the floor so there will be no chance of it falling down.

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The window hardware has been cleaned up, painted and installed along with new gaskets. We removed the old rusty window clips and installed new stainless ones and the windows are back in. We have done a lot of cleaning on the exterior. And I mean A LOT! Silicone…UGH! With all the seams cleaned and silicone removed we have started re-sealing with Parbond. Dan has patched the center vent hole, cut a new one for the A/C, and patched several places where original antennas were. We inspected the rivets and replaced several that were obvious leakers and after cleaning the seams on the inside, we sealed them with Sikaflex-221 sealant. We have started on the wiring and are hoping for some warmer days so we can get started on the polishing.  With every small accomplishment we become more and more excited. Love, Love, Love this trailer!

Stay warm…Spring is coming!

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2 thoughts on “Making Progress!

  1. Debi Rich

    great job you’re doing, once again…What a nasty job that was! Can’t wait to see you two camping in it! Keep the updates coming.


    1. Thank you Debi! Yes, she was beyond nasty! We are happy to be past that part! Hearing about all the fun camp outs you guys have planned for this year motivates us even more. Have fun and see you soon!


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