The Search Is OVER(lander)!

We found our trailer!!! We’ve been searching for a 60’s Overlander and finally found a 1967 that is perfect. When you start with a great shell, original baby moons, and those fantastic curved windows that only the ’66 and ’67 have, you can’t go wrong. There’s nothing like finding a vintage Airstream that speaks to you, and this trailer was softly whispering, “Take me home and make me fabulous…please!”  It’s been two weeks and we’ve made progress already. I think being without a trailer tends to light a fire under you!

After a good scrubbing, we took all the exterior lights, vents, etc. off and stripped the clear coat with PPG Aerospace PR-5044 Peroxide-Activated Stripper from Vintage Trailer Supply.  Apply it with a paint roller on a warm day, let it sit awhile, then pressure wash it off. Works great!

My grandmother had a saying, “I’ll go now and let you get on with your rat killing.” I always thought it was such an odd and funny thing to say, until now…I get it! Next step was to get on with our rat killing! We had a pack rat. A BIG pack rat that didn’t want to leave.  We pulled the belly pan down on one side to give him an escape route but, with a belly pan full of acorns, he wasn’t going anywhere.  It took a few tries but his luck ran out. No more rat. We won’t get a good look at his stash until we lift the shell and pull the floor up but, I’m sure it’s going to be epic!

The next step was to gut the nasty interior, pull the floor tile up, and remove the lower inner skins and insulation. We are now ready to support the shell and have a weekend lift off!

We are both so excited we can hardly stay focused on our real job! There is so much to think about. It’s a little like playing chess. You have to think ahead to your next 5 or 10 moves. We spent some time sitting in the trailer and getting a feel for the layout before we gutted it and have decided we love the layout and are keeping it. The only change will be a larger refrigerator. We will lose some countertop space, but it’s worth it.

We have set a rather lofty goal for a completion date. October 29, 2018. That’s our 30th Anniversary! If we make it, we will most likely be at the Annual Halloween Campout at the LBJ Grasslands with our friends in the HOTCU! Happy Trails and see you then!

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6 thoughts on “The Search Is OVER(lander)!

  1. Candy Fisher

    Great find! So glad we will see you all again soon. May your adventure be a reward to celebrate your 30th. That will be awesome. Keep us posted of your photos. Good luck. Thanks Candy

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    1. Thank you Candy! The hardest part of doing a trailer is being WITHOUT a trailer! We will be spending every spare minute on it and look forward to seeing you guys and everyone else again soon! Tell Bill we said Hi!


  2. Debi Rich

    Oh so glad to hear you found the one for you! We all missed you guys at the Halloween rally and Look forward to seeing your next project take shape. One thing I didn’t see, what is the length, a 26’? Keep us posted!
    We sold our 30’ and bought a 2014 25’ Flying Cloud and love it! I envy your energy to take on a restoration…I know it will be great!


  3. Oh Debi…..Congrats on your new trailer!! I can’t wait to see it! I know it is BEAUTIFUL! We went back and forth after we sold the Safari trying to decide on another restoration or a 2005-2009 range 25 footer with a center bath. In the end we decided we wanted to do one last restoration. I told Candy, the hardest thing about doing a trailer, is being without one! Looking forward to seeing you and Jim again. Have a great Thanksgiving! Oh…. it’s 26′!


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