Our 1966 Safari Restoration

I’m not sure if an Airstream restoration is ever really finished!  It seems there is always some new fun gadget to add, new technology comes along,  not to mention the decor.  I’m so indecisive I’ve already made two sets of curtains! But, after almost two years, we are calling it done. I published a YouTube video of the restoration process we did on the  Overlander and enjoyed the comments and feedback we received so much,  I made one for the Safari as well. It’s a little long, so if you would like to skip the video and just see the after pictures, they are below the video link.  Thanks for following our progress and Happy Trails!


7 thoughts on “Our 1966 Safari Restoration

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  2. Jess

    It is absolutely beautiful and amazing. Just incredibly talented. I can honestly say that if I was doing this (if I had the ability) your choices are almost identical or better to what I would do myself. I enjoyed looking at both the safari and overland videos.


  3. Kimbee99

    ’65 Safari…We are in the process of a shell off restoration, and we are planning the same interior plan (with exception to the bathroom). We flipped the frame and next step is installing a new belly pan. Question: what type/size rivets do we use? Love what you did.


    1. Hi! The original rivets used on our trailer were 3/16″ with a steel shank. There was no drilling them, we just had to use a chisel to knock the head off and punch them out. When we installed the new belly pan we used these large flange rivets instead and really liked the way they worked and looked. We sold our Safari have started working on our 67′ Overlander now and plan to use them again on the belly pan. It’s nice to hear someone else is spending the holiday weekend working on their trailer! We are installing the new plywood floor in our Overlander today! Hoping to get the shell back on tomorrow! Have a great weekend and keep us posted on your progress! Happy Holidays!


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