New Belly Pan!

The old belly pan aluminum (along with the old wiring) has been taken to the scrap yard for recycling and the new one is up! We used the old pieces for a pattern, for the most part. The space behind the axle with no aluminum is where the grey tank and pan will go and the black tank and pan will be at the rear.  After popping a million rivets by hand on the Overlander we splurged on a cheap air rivet gun from Harbor Freight. BEST TOOL EVER! We had aluminum left over so went ahead and replaced the side wrap pieces as well. She’s looking good!


6 thoughts on “New Belly Pan!

  1. James

    Is your rivet gun the 1/4″ or 3/16″ from harbor freight and do you know how well the rivets are, quality wise? Because, they are awfully cheap in price!



    1. The gun comes with interchangeable tips, several different sizes. We have never bought the rivets from Harbor Freight. We bought them in bulk on ebay if I remember correctly. It takes A LOT of rivets!


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