Phillips window latch refurbish

Our trailer has the beautiful, frameless, curved Corning glass windows; and Phillips window latches. The first time we cranked them open, we wondered how in the world they had survived this long. The windows are very thin and the way the latches grab the windows and pull them in is just plain scary. However, after cranking them in and out a few times we are somewhat less intimidated by them!

After all the latches were removed from the trailer, I used our die-grinder with a Scotchbrite pad on it. This is the best way we have found to quickly clean up rusty metal and remove corrosion. Once they were all cleaned up, I primed and painted them and replaced the stop screw. They look as good as new, and after checking prices for new ones, I am THRILLED!  I used the same air tool to remove the corrosion from the window screens. Next, I wiped them down with lacquer thinner and sprayed them with clear acrylic lacquer. They look great and ready for the new screen and spline.

We are hoping to get the new floor down this weekend…one step closer to getting the shell back on…woohoo!

Winter has arrived early in Texas…stay warm!