Inside out

Removing the interior of an Airstream is like putting a puzzle together…in reverse. You have to start at the front and work your way back. We made it to the bathroom and stopped so we could figure out exactly what we are going to do back there.  The original toilet has been removed and the fiberglass was cut out to make room for a newer model toilet. We will have to make more modifications to make way for an even newer model toilet. In doing that we may need to replace the black tank. And then there’s the plan to add a grey tank.  So much to think about! We have consulted with our friends at A & P Vintage Trailerworks, browsed the Airforums and researched tanks at Vintage Trailer Supply and others. We still don’t have a firm plan but at least we have some ideas. We have decided to replace the floor instead of trying to repair it.   You know what that means…. the shell has to come off.  I knew in my heart we would end up doing a shell off the day we bought it.  This is our “forever trailer”  and we want it to last as long as we do!

It will be a few weeks before work can resume on the trailer but, in the meantime, I plan on working on those rusty window clips, gaskets and screens.  Dan will be sewing up cushions, curtains and an awning for a beautiful 1970 Caravel brought to us by A & P Vintage Trailer Works.  I’ll post pictures when it is complete. It’s a WOWzer!  Enjoy the cooler weather…fall is on it’s way!





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