Thank You…and…Happy Trails!

“I want it. It’s exactly what I want.” And with those words, my heart sank. The reality set in rather quickly because next came,”Guess we better get her hitched up.”  WAIT…this is too fast! I was totally unprepared to see our baby hitched up behind a strangers tow vehicle. The anxiety was almost more than I could take! I’m not one to get super attached to my stuff but, this was different. Gut wrenching, instant grief and then I felt grateful to have had her. She was so pitiful when we brought her home, I never dreamed she could be so beautiful. I must admit we both feel a little bit, OK, a lot of satisfaction in knowing we saved her. We had no idea how much she would give back though.  So…Thank You and Happy Trails to our 1976 Overlander! Disco on!

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6 thoughts on “Thank You…and…Happy Trails!

  1. Debi Rich

    Awesome! So happy/sad for you! You SHOULD feel good about giving her new life! We were just saying a few days ago, “if we could sell our trailer fast, we would buy Dan & Steph’s!” Now we don’t have to think about that….Congrats, you two!


  2. You really put me in that moment. You did a good deed. You mad her pretty so she could go back out into the world. Part of your love and energy goes back out there with her. 🙂


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