1948 – A Very Good Year!

Believe it or not, there are TWO vintage 1948 Airstream trailers in the Heart of Texas Camping Unit and they are both restored to absolute perfection.  One is a spectacular 1948 Liner. This is the trailer in the iconic photo of a man on a bicycle pulling an Airstream. The trailer in the photo is actually a 1947 though. The second one is a 1948 Wee Wind.  Very few Wee Winds are still around but,  there are two in the club! The other one is currently undergoing a restoration. Both trailers are  incredible pieces of Airstream history! Enjoy the photos!

1948  Airstream Liner

1948 Airstream Wee Wind

8 thoughts on “1948 – A Very Good Year!

  1. Beautiful pics! Love this! Don’t forget Bud’s up and coming 1948 Wee Wind. It will be mostly original! Then we will have three! Also the Fisher’s 47 Curtis Wright! Then maybe you guys find one to restore! What a club!


  2. Debi Rich

    I so love these trailers!! Maybe someday we will be up to restoring one…until then I get to enjoy all of these wonderful trailers at the next HOTC camp-outs! Thanks Steph!


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