Pot of SILVER!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The VAC Rally in Dublin over the weekend was another awesome time with some of the best folks you will ever meet. I have tons of photos to go through still, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites in honor of the day.  An amazing thing happened Saturday evening. We had a storm scare just as the pot luck was about to begin. Everyone made a mad dash to their trailers to put chairs away and awnings up. Amazingly, the storm just missed us and the most beautiful double rainbow you have ever seen came out. It was “magically delicious”!

Enjoy the photos and have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

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11 thoughts on “Pot of SILVER!

  1. Debi Rich

    Great photos Stephanie! That rainbow was spectacular! It was great getting to meet you and Dan…we’ll see you next time! Debi & Jim


    1. Yes…we enjoyed meeting you guys and visiting with you in your beautiful trailer. You guys have done a great job with it! Hope to see you at many more campouts to come. I’m sorry, I can’t remember your dogs name but Dan has not stopped talking about her! I think he has made a friend for life. Can you tell me what breed she is again? Love her! See you soon!


    1. I had a beautiful 1954 Cruiser to take pictures of…can’t go wrong! It was so great to see you guys. It just went too fast. I hate we didn’t get to visit much. We should have a kitchen in a couple of weeks. If I haven’t forgotten how to cook, I’ll fix you guys dinner! Love you both!


  2. Candy

    Stephanie, the photos are just wonderful. It was so good to see you and Dan. The luck of the Irish was with us and sent us a gorgeous rainbow….how special! Hope to see you soon.


    1. Oh Candy, it was so great to see you, Bill, Wally and Stella! I missed the peak of the rainbow. I was in Patty’s trailer testing her potluck dish! Looking forward to the next time….


      1. Casey

        Now I know where my dinner went!!! Steph, If you send that picture of the rainbow entering thru the vent of A & P’s ’54 to Jackson Center ,it’ll end up on the Riveted or Blue Beret cover. (Keep the copyright.) At least you should sell some online to advertisers and keep Dan in the style he deserves. Your ‘pitchers’ are that good.


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