See More…Do More…Live More!

2013 was a year of big changes for us. We sold our home in August, stored everything we own, closed our business (temporarily!) and moved into our Airstream.  The rest of the year has passed in an instant. We have spent every holiday since Labor Day in our trailer, parked inside our building, where we are building our new home.  I guess technically then, we have had all our first holidays in our new home!  Our trailer has been awesome. Besides our brand new A/C going out the first week when it was 102 degrees (we got a lemon, new one is awesome), it has been smooth sailing parking!

We are still madly in love with our trailer  and can’t wait to spend more time in it in 2014…just not parked in the house!  The Airstream motto to See More, Do More, Live More,  is the sum of  all of our New Years Resolutions. We are looking forward to the campouts with the Heart of Texas Camping Unit and hope to possibly even leave the state of Texas! We wish everyone good health, happiness and safe travels in the new year.



4 thoughts on “See More…Do More…Live More!

  1. It is amazing to think what has happened in the past year! You guys just totally rock! There is nothing you can not do! Except meet at Gramaldi’s pizza or miss episode of Breaking Bad! One of the highlights for me was the hysterical release of stress at Walmart! I love you guys!


    1. Just thinking about that makes me laugh again! We have had many hysterical releases around here…not necessarily all in laughter! Looking forward to the day we can slow down and eat some pizza with you guys!


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