Before and After Video of our Airstream

It was year ago when we finally finished our Airstream rennovation and I posted this video on youtube. I never did post it here for some reason so…here it is!



8 thoughts on “Before and After Video of our Airstream

      1. I loved it too!!! I’m so impressed with every single thing you did to make it so beautiful. I’d love to know where you got the draperies. We’d be happy to change to what you have for most of our windows as I do not like hitting the aluminum colored blinds as I’m sleeping. Thank you!!! Great job and congratulations.

      2. Hi Mary! Thank you so much and, yes, the Heart of Texas Camping Unit is a fantastic group of people that LOVE THEIR AIRSTREAMS! Hope you can find some like minded people up your way soon. If not, drive down to Texas for one of our camp outs!
        Dan and I made the draperies in our trailer and have loved them. We used black-out lining and you can’t tell if it’s day or night in there! Perfect for napping! Thanks for visiting my blog…Happy Trails!

  1. Wow–you are giving me hope! Our ’69 Overlander is not quite that bad, but it does need some major help! And we are working on it, slowly. I like the simplicity of your trailer–very sharp and stylish. And you re-used the original curtains, it looks like. I had ours cleaned and husband and I were discussing putting them back in. Yours look really good, so I think I will re-use ours now, too! Great work–can’t wait to share it with Rick!

    1. Hi travelgirlie! Love your blog! There was only one ragged piece of a curtian left in our trailer. We used it as a pattern and made new curtians. Fortunately, my husband sews! 🙂 Have you and your husband thought of joinging the Heart of Texas Camping Unit? It’s a great bunch of fun people that love to get together, camp out and talk about trailers! The next camp out is a boondockong event at the LBJ Grasslands North of Decatur on October 24-27. There’s a link to the website in my post. Hope you can make it!

      1. You are lucky you’re living in TX where there’s apparently a great group. If anyone in MN which is where we live has any knowledge of that kind of group, we’d love to know. Thank you.

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