IMG_2875Throughout the entire rennovation process of our Airstream, Dan and I kept saying, “Remember, we may be living in it someday!”.  Well, here we are! We sold our home, put everything in storage and are camped out in front of our future home. We have been here for over a month now and our trailer has been a perfect temporary home.  Yes, it gets a little cramped at times when Dude wants to lay, well….anywhere! He’s a big boy and takes up a lot of floor space!  Our cat, Mister,  prefers to lay under the trailer where it’s less crowded. And Dan and I are just…..happy campers!IMG_2873

It has been a dream of ours for some time now to build a barndominium, as some people call it. We needed a bigger shop, less house, and a permenant place out of the elements for our trailer.   The progress has been slow but things are about to start happening now. We have the forms up, the plumbing in, and are ready for the concrete trucks to roll in and pour the slab.  We ordered a kit building from Rhino Steel Building Systems and it will arrive on Wednesday.  We have hired a guy to errect the building then we will move inside and finish out our new home and workspace.  Very exciting stuff!

The next scheduled Heart of Texas Camping Unit camp out is on Halloween.  The camp out last year at Fort Richardson State Park was our first time to camp with the unit and is where we met many of our new friends. We can’t wait…should be Spooktacular!


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