I love it when I find another adventurous soul out there ready to head on down the highway! Good Luck to Josh at Blinkpacking on his “Grand Adventure” in his 1969 Shasta Compact!!



I have always dreamed of purchasing an Airstream travel trailer, throwing caution (read: my job) to the wind, and cruising the winding roads of America with no clear destination in mind and no end-date in sight.

Reality check: I have been married for a decade, I have a three-year-old son, I own a business, I run a non-profit, and I have a fat mortgage. I am pretty certain I am disqualified for this sort of adventure. Right?

Lifestyle limitations aside, my family has only one car (a 2003 Honda Element with 200,000 miles) that lacks the giddy-up to drag a traditional travel trailer around the country.

Daydreams and web-search procrastinations aside, I had pretty much put the matter to rest when I happened on a vintage trailer forum thread aimed at Honda Element owners. The post went something like this, “Want to tour the country with a travel trailer? Frustrated by…

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