Trimetric Battery Monitor System

When my parents asked Dan and I what they could get us for Christmas, for the trailer, we got very excited! The one thing we needed more than anything was a battery monitor system. Not knowing our battery stats was not fun when we dry camped over Halloween. We didn’t have a clue how much power we were consuming or what our battery charge level was.  This became top priority on our “want” list. We had already done some research and decided on the Trimetric 2025-A so I sent the link to Best Converter to mom and BAM….Santa delivered! Thanks so much Mom and George. You guys are the best…we love you!

We were finally able to install it last Sunday. Once again, I was the gopher and third and fourth hand while Dan did his thing. To me it was very confusing but he had it hooked up in no time. What an amazing little gizmo! We figured out the 3 LED’s over the sink are no where near as efficient as the rest of the lights in the trailer. Good to know! Looking forward to testing it more at our next camp-out!

One thought on “Trimetric Battery Monitor System

  1. We installed our Trimetric 2025RV last October, and it has been so helpful to us understanding our loads and sources of 12vdc. Like you, we were surprised which lights were more efficient and what our biggest loads are. Cool info we can use.


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