The Jack Antenna – Two thumbs up!

When we had the interior skins off last March we did some research on antennas and decided on The Jack. The reviews were good, and we really needed to get some sort of antenna installed before we put the skins back on so, we went with it. At our camp-out with the HOTCU we had several people ask us how we liked it. We hadn’t installed a TV yet so we had no idea! This past weekend we bought a TV, installed it, powered up The Jack and boom…19 channels! We were pretty excited with the results since we live about 75 miles from Dallas where our channels come from. The ABC affiliate is the only local channel that didn’t come in but I’m hoping after I read the TV manual and The Jack manual we can get it dialed in. We are looking forward to our next camp-out so we can test it out further but, so far…two thumbs up!

UPDATE: After reading the directions (duh!) and dialing it in, we now get 70 channels! HUGE IMPROVEMENT!

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