After a year of dreaming about our first camp-out…it’s over! It went way too fast. The Heart of Texas Camping Unit members were so awesome. They made us feel welcome from the moment we pulled up to the last wave goodbye. Our heads were spinning all the way home with the excitement of meeting new friends, trying to remember names ( my bad), and looking forward to the Christmas camp-out. I think there were 19 trailers there from a 1949 Wee Wind to the fabulous CCD parked next to us. We discovered one thing all Airstreamers have in common…they LOVE to show other Airstreamers their trailers! It was so fun to see all the different year trailers, some original, some restored…all AMAZING! The Halloween decorations were crazy fun and the Trick-or-Treaters were too cute.

The best part was actually using our trailer after owning it for a year and…everything worked! The tow there was nerve-wracking for me but Dan did great, he never gets bent out of shape though. It got down to 25 degrees Saturday night so our furnace got a work out. We baked biscuits in the oven without burning the bottoms. The shower was great and we took ice cream sandwiches that stayed frozen. The only hiccup was a leaking clamp at the water pump that just needed to be tightened. We only have one battery and haven’t installed a monitor yet, so we were pretty much flying blind on our power consumption. Thankfully, Paul and Ann of A&P Vintage Trailerworks charged us back up with their generator, just in case. Thanks guys! We have a whole new list of gadgets and gizmos we need and Lance at Top’s Vintage Trailerworks got Dan lined out on a new and hopefully faster/better polishing technique.  We learned a lot, met new and interesting people, and actually CAMPED! It was a great weekend!

Hope you enjoy the photos. Our trailer is the one with the caution/crime scene tape. Happy Halloween everyone!

9 thoughts on “We CAMPED!

  1. Happy Anniversary guys! I LOVE your first camp-out. The photos are just fabulous. I wish we celebrated Halloween in Australia.It looks like great fun. I can’t wait for our first trip in our 1968 Airstream. Thanks for sharing your first adventure.


  2. Chris Schatte

    It was great meeting you and Dan, and everyone else there! Thank you both for making us feel welcome. It was like meeting old friends once again. Sorry that we missed you both when we pulled out. Looked around for you guys, but didn’t find ya’ll. Awesome people in the HOTCU, thanks to everyone for welcoming us into the “unit” as Members. Very nice Airstream ya’ll have. Please tell Dan that I really appreciate talking “restoration” with him.
    Not sure we will make the Christmas Rally. We will likely be going to Broken Bow for tree and vibert box planting Nov 7-10 for our next trip. We’ll see how its going after that.
    Chris and Joni with the in progress restoration of our 75 Sov…


  3. Hi Chris! It was great to meet you and Joni and have you be “newbies” with us! Sorry we missed you, and many others, when you left. We walked over to see and visit with the couple that had the 63 Overlander that weren’t boondocking. Nice people! We both wish we had more time with you to talk trout. I didn’t even know what a vibert box was until I googled it! You may need to give me some casting pointers/lessons. I never have got that double-haul down! Dan said to tell you he really enjoyed visiting with you also. We seem to have a lot in common…landscaping, trailers, trout, kayaking, triathlons! OK…skip the triathlons! Hope you guys make the Christmas camp out. We will be thinking about you at Beaver’s Bend…have fun!


  4. Hi Steph and Dan! I love your pictures and very kind words. We are so happy to have you both all finished, and camping with us! The trailer is a a work of art. You guys did a beautiful job!
    Here’s to many more campouts, friends, adventures, and always Airstreams!
    Annie and Paul
    A & P Vintage Trailer Works, Inc.


  5. How fun to read about your first adventure! (I only wish I’d been there too!) Looks like you did it right the first time out, and met some kindred spirits along the way! We’d love bumping into you down the road somewhere; Thanks for the fun post. It’s so true about the Airstream tours, isn’t it? Giving and Taking!


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