New Axles

Our new axles came in this week…YAY! The process of installing them wasn’t technically difficult, but physically, it was brutal. Lot’s of busted knuckles and mysterious bruises! I hate getting old :(. Once they were bolted up, Paul Mayeux with A&P Vintage Trailerworks came by and welded the new shock mounts on and installed the shocks. Thanks Paul!!! The trailer sits about 2 inches taller now. It’s a good thing we removed the old A/C unit from the roof first, or we may have had to let the air out of the tires to get out of the shop. We installed a patch over the hole in the roof until we can get a new unit. The new low profile Penguin will have to wait until spring…Christmas is coming!

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3 thoughts on “New Axles

  1. Pat and Bill Lovelace

    We had a nightmare with an axel when got our 73 and had a go around with the manufacture because it was only a year old and he told one thing then another and we did all he asked..had receipts for the axle date and in the end they did no compensation and critixed us you the person who did the work for us. I told him we were from Airstream community and I would spread the word of his customer service and he threatened me with his lawyer, so I hate to hear of axle problems.


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