Building A Shower….Sounds Easy…NOT!

It’s been a while since we conquered the building of the shower but I’m just now over it! We thought when we pulled out the end cap and replaced it that the hard part was over, not hardly. Honestly, if we had known how much time it would take, we may have spent the big bucks for this insert from Inland RV!   The original bath had the furnace duct and vent under the bathtub. This made building a strong base for the shower a challenge. The other tricky part was the walls. Dan wanted to curve the rear wall back in over the drain pipes that run along the wall to give him a little more elbow room.  So, the left wall is one height, the right wall a little shorter, because we are at the rear of the trailer where it starts to curve down, and the back wall has an “s” curve in it. We both like a good challenge but this almost ate our lunch! Glad it’s done….moving on!

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8 thoughts on “Building A Shower….Sounds Easy…NOT!

  1. WOW! I’m impressed! I may have to take some notes for when we add our shower, although we arent going to put it as far back so hopefully we won’t have to deal with the “S” curve issues you had. Well done!


  2. I’m impressed! I’m overhauling my rear bath as well… should be an interesting challenge for sure. Is that paint or a covering on the walls on the interior of the shower?


      1. Thanks!! I will do that. One other quick question. What are the dimensions of the one you have (had)? I’d assume you had to make the front panel to extend to the floor and accommodate the ductwork?


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