We have Control!

We made some progress over the Memorial Day holiday. Dan built a new shelf for the water pump and power converter to mount on and we installed the new furnace. I’ll never forget when we pulled the old oven out and got a look at this area for the first time. There was a huge snake skin wrapped around the water fill hose and the nastiness was unbelievable.  What a difference!

Last weekend we finished up the plumbing and tested the system. Believe it or not, the water pump switch, and the fresh water tank sensor both work on the original Control Panel!   We sprayed the wires and switches several times with electrical cleaner but really didn’t expect any of it to work. Hopefully we will be as lucky with the other holding tank sensors!

Next step…walls and a shower!

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2 thoughts on “We have Control!

  1. Amazing restoration! My fiance and I are restoring our 1974 sovereign…and actually headed out on a trip to Key West, FL from Seattle here in a about a month and half. ismelltexas.wordpress.com is our blog! Anyway, did you paint your cabinets/louvers? If so, how and what paint did you use? Looks great.


  2. Hey ismelltexas! I checked out your blog…great job! I had no idea they ever installed generators in trailers! Yes, we painted the walls and the upper lockers with Sherwin Williams Duration paint. We cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned, then primed them first with their Adhesion primer. About 3 months after sitting in the Texas heat the paint got sticky so we had to spray it one more time with Minwax Polycrylic clear coat. That stopped the sticky and gave it a super tough washable finish. It was a pain, but worth it! Your trip sounds like a blast. We can’t wait until we are able to take a long trip in ours. I’m looking forward to following you guys on your adventures! Happy Holidays!


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