We’re Floored!

We almost had a flooring disaster!  The day before we planned to lay our flooring, we found out our original choice of a floating vinyl plank flooring was a bad one. After talking with several different people at the Airstream Rally at the LBJ Grasslands we learned of the problems. Mainly, the seams pulling apart with temperature changes. We love the look of Marmoleum but, it wasn’t in the budget.  Several people at the rally suggested a cheaper alternative. Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT). It’s the stuff you probably had in your elementary school.  It’s cheap (.79 square foot),  and comes in a million colors. We almost went with a bold color but decided to stick with the grey tones.  We plan on waxing it but I’m not sure if you really have to.  The installation wasn’t hard…just hard on the knees!

Next step…plumbing, furnace and ducts.

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4 thoughts on “We’re Floored!

  1. Billy

    Hello, I plan to install VCT in my 1976 overlander. I removed the carpet down to the subfloor. Any advice on the install would be super helpful.

    Aloha, Billy


    1. Hi Billy,
      We first filled any imperfections in the floor with bondo and made sure it was as smooth as possible. Next we ran a chalk line down the center to give us a guide to go by. We troweled the adhesive on in sections and let it dry until it became somewhat clear. I wouldn’t try to do this on a humid or rainy day, it may never dry! They recommend you roll the tiles afterward with a 100 lb. roller but we just used a laminate roller and rolled it as we went. To cut the tiles, just score them with a razor knife and they snap easily.
      We love our floor and haven’t had any problems with it. I did end up waxing it…looks much better! Good luck and remember to wear knee pads!


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