The End…caps!

We had been debating our end caps for some time, and decided they had to go. The rear bath one for sure. Our tub was damaged beyond repair and the counter top sink area was almost as bad. We had already purchased a shower pan and tried to incorporate the end cap into the design but, it’s just wasn’t working. After we took out the rear one and got a look at what we needed to do, we took out the front one too!

Our plan was to make new ones out of wood. The rear one we would make out of some 1/8 plywood that was given to us, and paint it the same color as the rest of the interior. The front one would be birch plywood. You can see how we did it in the pictures. We made some ribs to attach the panels to, backed them with styro-foam block spacers, made our patterns out of cardboard, cut the panels, riveted them up, then cut trim strips and riveted them to it. We used washers with the rivets on the back of the wood anywhere we could get to. We were thrilled with the way it turned out…especially after it was painted!

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5 thoughts on “The End…caps!

  1. Bob

    What a great job on your Overlander. I’m picking up a “74” this week. It is partially gutted and I’ll take it down the rest of the way. I really like the looks of your new birch end caps. I don’t suppose you made copies of your templates and would be willing to share them? Nice job on the flooring. We have used Allure in the past on several trailers and have not been pleased due to end separation. Thanks!



    1. Hi Bob,
      Thanks for your nice comment. I have no idea why we didn’t keep our patterns but, we didn’t. 😦 If we had, I would be more than happy to share them with you. We just weren’t thinking that far ahead.
      The VCT has held up very well, even after living in our trailer for almost 7 months with a big dog and a cat.
      Good luck on your new project. We are itching to get another one ourselves!



    2. Emily

      Hi Bob – I was wondering the same thing! I just bought a ’72 a few weeks ago and she is now gutted to the aluminum and wires. Interior end caps had to go – they were cracked and discolored. Did you ever find end cap templates? I’m seeing that a custom reconstruction may be the way to go, especially since finding the plastic replacements is difficult and just as expensive as making your own. Wondering what you ended up doing…


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