A Clear Vista View!

Our Vista View windows were suffering from the problem they all have…peeling solar film between the double panes of glass. We used the method we had read about on other forums of busting out the inner pane, removing the old gasket material and re-setting the outer pane in Trempro 635. We used sponge rod we use to make automotive windlace for the gasket. We covered it in a silver vinyl called All-Sport. It’s used to cover anything from snowmobile to Jet Ski seats. Super UV resistance and cold crack properties….good stuff. It was the perfect size to wedge in the space were the old window came out. So far no leaks and we’ve had some gully washers here in Texas lately! We will just have to wait and see how it stands the test of time and road vibrations.  They looked so good we decided the wing windows were next!  Busting those was a little scary but actually easier to break than the Vista Views. We used the same method and love our clear windows!

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