Fantastic Fans!

Last weekend we tackled replacing the vents and fans with Fantastic Fans. Dan perched on the roof  like a bird on a wire, while I watched!  Actually, I handed him tools, held the ladder, and offered moral support. Oh, and I held the bucking bar! We have the center ceiling panel down so we were able to buck the vents on. Hopefully we won’t have any leaks. They look FANTASTIC! No more plastic and duct tape…YAY!

The trade-off for ditching the old fixtures…no lights. We ordered three LED recessed lights from Super Bright LED’s to install down the center of the ceiling hoping it would be enough. To test them out we took  a 12 volt deer feeder battery into a dark closet and hooked one up. It’s bright, but I don’t think three will be enough.  We’ll have to figure something else out for additional lighting.  Time for more research. First stop,!

4 thoughts on “Fantastic Fans!

  1. Wendell

    Cuz, I am stunned at the amazing job that you and Dan have done on the trailer. I just found this page and love it. I will stop by there soon and check on the progress. I have a friend that would love to see the restore.


  2. Very nice! I like the fans. Why did you choose to buck rivet over the screws? I am still a little wary of the screws. I may be over thinking it but I might remove the screws and buck them….Oh well great progress, I hope to see more! Good luck on the Yellowstone goal!


    1. Weren’t we supposed to buck them?!! 🙂 We don’t know what the heck we are doing. I guess we just assumed since they were bucked on originally that’s how it should be done! Let’s hope they don’t leak!


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