Check it off!

In between the major accomplishments of repairing the frame, replacing the floor, installing new belly pan aluminum and getting the holding tanks back up, we’ve had lots of minor ones too. I’m just going to list them here so we can get this blog up to date!

  • Replaced all the old window and access door gaskets.
  • Painted the new marine plywood floor with porch paint.
  • Cleaned up and repainted the tail light bezels. New tail lights and running lights.
  • Ran new brake wire and running light wire….the lights work!
  • Installed new hot water tank and were able to re-use our stainless steel door.
  • Installed the wheel well covers.
  • Riveted all the exterior trim back on.
  • Installed sheet linoleum in the bathroom to protect the floor. (we may go over it?)
  • Replaced the bent and rusty bolts in our steps and got them working again.
  • Stripped the paint off the window screen frames.
  • Sealed some seams with Parbond…more to do.