Installing the black, grey and fresh water tanks were next. We were able to re-use the fresh water tank pan, but the rear pan obviously had to be replaced. We had just completed some work for a man that had the tools, and the know-how, to make us a new one. He did an outstanding  job,  especially considering half of the original was missing. We had to drill new bolt holes in the pan, as well as the areas on the frame where we added new steel. Getting them lined up precisely and tapped was critical.

With the new water lines and heater hose attached to the fresh tank, up it went. Not too bad…still uncomfortable down there though!

We replaced the Thetford valves on the black and grey tanks with Valterra valves from Vintage Trailer Supply. The price difference was the main reason for our choice. Installing the rear tanks took a little tweaking. Most of the floor back there was long gone so we had to guess where to cut holes for the valves, etc. We weren’t too far off. Grainger had the black ABS pipe and fittings for the waste lines.  We found rubber gasket material in the plumbing department at Lowe’s and installed it were the pipes come through the frame. It should help keep mice and water out.

The trunk lid was such a poor design, we had to do something. Dan came up with the idea of attaching a piece of aluminum angle to the underside of the lid at the hinge to try and direct any water seeping through the hinge to the sides and out, instead of into the trunk. We installed a rubber gasket on the lid and vulcumed and parbonded anything and everything we could see. Now we have to wait for rain and see if it works!

Now Al has a nice behind to go with that pretty belly!