Much has been done to our Overlander since that first tow home. We stripped the clearcoat and gutted the interior. Once we started taking the bananna wraps and belly pan down we got an all too clear picture of what needed to be done. The floor needed replaced and the frame, well, there was some rust! We didn’t have actual rear-end separation, but almost.  It took us awhile to get comfortable with the idea of removing the shell but knew it had to be done. The Airstream Forums were a wealth of information. I can’t tell you how many hours we have spent, and continue to spend, reading posts on those forums. The posters on those forums gave us the courage to go for it, and we did!

We prepared for a Thanksgiving lift-off since we had some extra time off.  On Tuesday we lifted the shell off. Wednesday we removed the old floor and made sure we had all the steel we needed for frame repairs. We had already ordered several new outriggers from Out of Doors Mart. Thursday…we ate turkey and were thankful! Friday we took the frame over to a friends shop and by 3:00 they had all the new outriggers on and the welding done. It was awesome! Thanks Calvin, Bobby and Lupe! We washed it down with marine clean, did the metal prep thing and on Sunday we painted the POR15 on. We were exhausted but incredibly happy!

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