The First Tow Home

I spent a sleepless night wondering if we might possibly could have been scammed by that nice young man from craigslist. Would our precious Airstream be gone by morning? Surely not…why would he do that? We only gave him $200 to hold it. I was more concerned about the trailer being gone forever than the $200!

We closed up shop the next morning to attended to important business. We spent the 90 minute drive into Grand Prarie going over the game plan. Jack it up, take off two tires, go buy new ones, come back and get the other two, by two more, attach the temporary lights and head home. Should be back by 1:00.  I see it! It’s still there and  looks even better in the daylight!

At 4:30 we pulled onto I-30.   Top speed was about 45 mph all the way through Fort Worth. I kept looking at the people passing by, expecting them to all be giving us a thumbs up, or an enthusiastic wave…nothing.  I guess they didn’t know how excited we were. Or, maybe they just wanted to get away from all the flying debris.