1976 Airstream Overlander

It’s been a few months now since we bought our Airstream.  I finally have some time to document our adventure.

After months of searching the internet, checking  the newspaper, driving down back roads and asking everyone if they knew of anyone that had a bummy old Airstream out back for sale…it happened.  October 4, 2011 was the day we found her on craigslist. We made the call, jumped in the truck, and were there…just as it got dark.  Yes, dark. The shell looked great but the smell inside was…wow!  Think nicotine, mouse poop, mold and bacon grease gone bad. It was bad, really bad. Funny thing though, that didn’t bother us one bit! We were up for the challenge. The hole in the rear pan was an indication of some serious problems too, but we were still game. Dan was walking around with his flashlight like a CSI, shining it in every nook and cranny. I could barely contain my excitement… it was over, we had found our baby.

First photo:


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